First Call Graphics specializes in custom labels.

Custom Labels.  A broad reaching category of printing typically associated with adhesive backed labels, their design, printing, application, and performance.   Whether you are starting your first product, or product line, or if you have hundreds, or even thousands of SKUs, we can bring quality and value to you.

Label products we offer:

  • Beverage labels
    • Beer, Soft drink, Wine & Spirits
    • Digital labels
    • 4C Process at 150LPI, up to 8 spot PMS color
    • Substrate and adhesive systems for wet duty applications
    • Paper, Film & Foil substrates
    • Label application support for Semi-Automatic, low speed, & high speed decoration
  • On-Pack Promotion
    • Pressure Sensitive Instant Redeemable Coupons
      • Magic Film
      • Circle Coupon Stock
      • Proprietary economy grade
    • Danglers
    • Neckers
    • Expanded Content
    • Onserts
  • In-Pack Promotion
    • Substrate & Packaging approved by FDA for direct food contact protect both the food product and the coupon!
    • WOGR in bag pet food coupons
    • Acetate packaged coupon inserts
    • High Speed insertion equipment for rent or purchase
      • Bandolier style
      • Cut & Stack Style
      • Up To 800 per minute
    • Coupon content tips on request
    • 100% of In-Pack promotions are delivered to the customer
  • Supplier solutions for Custom label, In-Pack, and On-Pack coupon clients
    • Order to order
    • Blanket Order with releases
    • Consignment agreements
    • The Scope of any custom label program can be scaled to meet growing needs


  • Doug Murphy                                                                                                      630.842.5633
  • First Call Graphics LLC
  • Downers Grove, IL                                                                   firstcallgraphics@gmail.com


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