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Doug Murphy

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4501 Wilson Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515

(630) 842-5633

Not just a normal ‘label guy’..

Professionally speaking, I consider my skill at developing long lasting mutually beneficial relationships a hallmark of how I work.  Great relationships are created with a casual but direct approach that puts clients at ease, and establishes confidence and trust early.  I am a man of my word with my clients best interest at heart.  These are core beliefs which are conveyed in my work.

My career in custom labels began in 1992.  I solved any print challenge I could to build a customer base.  Through each success, I build on my experience and knowledge.  Today, the extent of my knowledge is used to confidently solve simple or challenging applications or ordering process for custom labels.  When your project is beyond my scope of knowledge, I will be honest and let you know this is not a fit where I can add value, and step out of the process saving you precious time.

Here is the scope of label and graphic solutions I have provided during my career

Selling production and sales of high quality 4C Process to commercial printers, in the 1990’s with no rejects.

UL & CSA, sales, and handled staging in house production for CSA approvals

Durable Markings, overlays, decals, fleet graphics, membrane switch

Started the beverage label program at two companies I worked for, both of which thrive today.

Proposed a scalable Small Business Unit to produce, package and distribute test strips for a global medical products brand.

Invented a method to ‘Fingerprint’ a flexo press using a single printing plate.

Invented a light attenuation method to improve control and duration of light intensity on Cortron Exact exposure units, which are used in the photopolymer exposure process in Flexo plate making.

Consulted a team of designers and graphic experts at a major corporation to alter the separations for a multiple SKU project, which save production time and money, while optimizing reproduction of the company Logo.

Engineered prepress method used in making mated high-durometer embossing plates to be used for embossing labels on rolls.

Merged two ink technologies, two prepress methods, to print in registration and on rolls, Thermochromic Bar Code Labels.


Personally, my wife and I have a passion for team sports and sharing time with our sons.  I am also active Coaching kids Baseball, and enjoy time with my sons camping with my sons with the BSA.


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