Custom Label

Printing Multicolor, 4C Process to 175 LPI

Roll Labels – Flexo, Digital, Prime

Sheeted Labels – Sticker Sheets, Laser Label Sheet,

Pinfed rolls, or fanfolded

Label Forms / Integrated Forms

Flexible Packaging

Unsupported Film


On Pack Promotional

Coupons (IRC), Onserts, Booklet, Neck Dangler


PAPER – White Gloss, Semigloss, Litho, Estate Wine Label, Wet Strength, 20# and 24# MOCR Bond

FILM – White Clear and Metalized, Vinyl, Polypropylene (BOPP), Polyolefin, Polyester, Polystyrene, TYVEK, BOPP, OPP, LDPE, and Synthetic ‘Paper’

FOIL – Paper Laminated and Raw Foil, standard gold and silver, and custom color, foil hot stamp

LAMINATION – Gloss and Matte Clear, raw or imprintable, in assorted thicknesses

ADHESIVE – variety of permanent, removable, and repositionable

SPECIALTIES – Coupon Base, Dry Release, Clean Release, Peel & Re-Seal, Onserts, IRC, Booklets, Danglers


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